Why Re•act? I mean is it really necessary?

We live in a society that is becoming more virtual and self-oriented; less community and people-oriented. The Internet, Media and Social Networks play an enormous role in this. They’re a vital part of daily life, especially with the younger generation: 1.2 billion Facebook users worldwide — 488 million accessing regularly by cell phone, 22% of teens logging on over 10 times per day; 490 million unique YouTube users monthly; approximately 180 million Twitter tweets per day.

Growth of internet users. In billions.

All this innovation is great and social networking has amazing power, however, we are misusing it! It’s keeping us in our houses, damaging real social life and increasing self-centredness. Re•act wants to use the virtual world to take Youth and the Church back to the streets where the needs really are. Re•act is a platform to challenge youth to take action, bringing love and healing in their communities.

What now then? How have things progressed?

Re•act is well underway and slowly starting to take shape. By November 2013 we will be doing beta testing in select cities in Finland and Italy. We plan to launch Re•act to the world in early 2014. Exciting stuff, hey? Well, why not partner with us and help make this a reality?

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So who are we? And how did this all start?

Re•act began as a small idea. Shortly into our Rebirth 2011 Europe outreach, we got an idea. We realised that we couldn’t stay in one place for too long, but we saw many needs that needed to be fulfilled. So we thought: ”What if we could place these needs online where people could see them and take part in fulfilling them?” Thus, Re•act was born.

After months of prayer, talking and sharing the idea with others, God had given us a clear direction, and with faith and strength we pushed forward to make Re•act the reality it is now.

Our statement of faith.

The Team

A big thank you to Sidwyn Koh, Ester Neundlinger & Maryanne Ndungu for all your help on the project!